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Welcome to Boarding at Mount St Mary's College

Our cosmopolitan boarding community of British and overseas students is at the heart of College life. It is a place where memories and friendships are made that last a lifetime, where opportunity is around every corner and possibilities are endless.

"The Mount has given me a second family. It is lovely to see people from different countries having fun together. They made me feel so special and loved.“

Nicolo Milanesi, Boarder

Our Boarding rooms are warm and cosy, providing every home comfort and aspect of modern-day living. 

The houses all have communal spaces for study, relaxation and socialising, with laundry handled by our boarding parents, and all meals prepared freshly and on-site in our expansive kitchens and served in the refectory.

The boarding houses are found at the heart of campus, which is set in acres of beautiful and safe countryside, housing our numerous sports fields and Olympic-standard athletics track. All this provides a stunning view from your new bedroom window.


Boys' Boarding

Loyola offers en-suite bedrooms throughout, either shared by younger students in twos or threes, or in individual study bedrooms for older students.

With wonderful views over the Derbyshire countryside, Loyola is set in a tranquil location offering a calm and peaceful place to study and relax.

Loyola House is named for St. Ignatius of Loyola, the principal founder of the Jesuits.

Loyola Mount St Mary's College
Hopkins Mount St Mary's College


Girls' Boarding

Hopkins is a warm, welcoming and vibrant environment. With large en-suite bedrooms, many offering high ceilings and big windows, Hopkins is a homely place that our students love to call home.

The House is named after Gerard Manley Hopkins SJ, the Jesuit priest, who taught at Mount St Mary’s College in the 19th Century.


Junior Boys' Boarding

Colliston House has 24 bedrooms, divided into two groups of 12 by a communal kitchen and social area.

All rooms are again en-suite and offer, comfortable study bedrooms. Colliston is named after Fr. James Colliston SJ, an Old Mountaineer and the Headmaster of the College from 1952 to 1968.

Colliston Mount St Mary's College
School Day

Boarding Life

Mount St Mary's College

School Day

One of the many benefits of boarding is that whilst your classmates are rising early to travel to school, you are already there! You are relaxed and ready for the day ahead, which typically looks like this:

  • 7.30am Breakfast together in our refectory

  • 8.30am  School Lessons begin (morning break and lunch taken)

  • 4.30pm School Lessons finish

  • 4.30pm-5.30pm After School Activities (Boarders choose at least 3 per week)

  • 5.45pm Supper

  • Study and free time follow before lights out (time varies per year group).

Mount St Mary's Boarding

Outside the Classroom

Life outside the classroom is busy but balanced for our boarders. They experience everything the Mount has to offer, with weekend excursions, activities, sporting fixtures, mass, and a bond with new friends that last a lifetime.

After lessons during the week, boarders can take full use of our on-site, fully equipped gym and swimming pool, and enjoy group sessions ranging from strategy games to gardening! You can choose a minimum of three activities at least three times a week. Options typically on offer include;

  • Games

  • Study

  • Swimming

  • Gardening

  • Chaplaincy

  • Music

  • Drama

Weekend trips include outings to local national parks, cinema trips and days out at theme parks. These usually take place on Sundays after mass, as Saturdays are generally spent either participating in sports fixtures, or cheering on your peers with the true embodiment of Mount Spirit.

Mount St Mary's Boarding

Making Friends

Boarders gain so much from this diversity, not least an understanding of and a respect for cultural differences, which has never been more important in today’s global society. The linguistic benefits are huge, as immersion in an English speaking environment makes perfecting the language a very real possibility.

Boarding at the Mount means a home away from home. Our younger students typically share 2 – 3 per room, and this is where the foundations of lifelong friendships and connections begin.

Our boarding students say that the Mount is their family, and this is certainly how our boarding parents feel. They provide a welcoming and nurturing environment for each student who walks through our door. We all care for one another, in the true spirit of a Jesuit institution.

Outside the Classrom
Making Friends
Armed Forces

Armed Forces Families

Mount St Mary’s College offer generous discounts for military families and accept The Continuity of Education Allowance, which helps Armed Forces families cover the cost of boarding school places to give their children stability throughout the academic year.


We know every family’s needs are different. At Mount St Mary’s, we tailor solutions to suit your unique circumstances.


Our boarding community is warm, friendly and provides a home away from home. There is constant contact with your child and us, so you are always fully informed.


Our stunning college, campus and boarding houses are just five minutes’ drive from J30 of the M1; putting us within easy reach of major airports like East Midlands, Manchester, and Leeds.


Set in acres of beautiful countryside, we offer outstanding sporting facilities and a wealth of extra-curricular activities.


Weekends are never dull. We have weekly excursions and activities including cinema outings, visits to Country Parks and sporting events to name but a few.


As well as outstanding academic results, our pastoral care is second to none. We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional level of emotional, social and spiritual support to every child in our care. With Mount Spirit, they become the very best they can be. They become men and women for others.

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