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Introducing Our New head of Sport!

We are delighted to announce th

e appointment of our new Director of Sport from September 2023!

Mr Christian Head has experience as a rugby, hockey and athletics coach and brings balance to boys’ and girls’ sport in his appointment. He began his teaching career at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Wakefield in 2011 and brings a wealth of sporting and pastoral experience to the role. Whilst he is an experienced rugby coach at Rotherham Titans with his continuing professional development including rugby masterclasses with Stuart Lancaster alongside successes in the National Schools Rugby Cup and Rossyln Park National School 7s, his most recent responsibility includes Athletics and Cross-Country, reaching the Track and Field Cup and Cross-Country Cup finals.

He has previously taken on two half marathons and the London marathon in a 4 week period raising over £2,000 for Martin House Children’s Hospice and has previously volunteered to provide sporting and educational opportunities for disadvantaged children in Romania. He is a Man for Others and a fitting first-rate appointment for the Mount.

Mr Head said:

“It is a tremendous privilege to have been selected as the next Director of Sport at The Mount. It is a school which champions a holistic, co-educational sports programme. The school has a passionate heritage, affectionately known as the ‘Mount spirit’ but one which looks forward with confidence and an eye for innovation. It is a school which represents its community proudly and I have been impressed with its future plans and ambitions that align with my values and philosophy of ‘Sport for all’.

Mr Head is currently assisting with our recruitment for a new Head of Hockey for September 2023.

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I will say that this is a fairly competent and high-quality article, which is done to the best of my ability, which already demonstrates how the author treats his work, which is very cool. In general, I have changed more than one school and what I remember most of all is the life coach images with whom I worked through my life troubles that bothered me, so I can say one thing that in my opinion, although not professional, all schools should have a quality psychologist and life coach at their disposal.

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