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Welcome to Barlborough Hall School

We are a Jesuit, Catholic co-educational independent day school and nursery for children aged three to 11. We work to inspire a love of learning from the moment your child joins us, to the day they leave. From the classroom, to the sports track, from the extra-curricular, to the great outdoors, there’s more to discover at Barlborough Hall School.

Learning together, playing together and sharing the joy together is fundamental to the way we care for and develop children to the best of their academic abilities, but also in cultivating good interpersonal relationships, as well as encouraging their extra-curricular interests.


Whilst we are always striving for excellence, our school is a place full of laughter. Every corridor, every classroom and every playground is filled with the sounds of happiness. The children’s smiles are infectious. We are one big happy community. It is truly a wonderful place to be.

The school is a few minutes’ drive from Junction 30 of the M1. Worksop and Rotherham are 20 minutes by car. It is the preparatory school to Mount St Mary’s College and is true to the Jesuit principles of a Catholic education.

Karen Keeton Barlborough Hall School

Karen Keeton - Head Teacher

Barlborough Hall School and Nursery is a deliberately small prep school with classes of typically up to 20 children. Small classes mean teachers get to know their pupils well. They understand where a child needs challenging, when they need support and, critically, have the time to give it. Being a small prep school and nursery brings other benefits too. We are a close-knit, caring community with a strong sense of family. 

Really knowing a child and being in a position to give this level of attention impacts positively on every aspect of their growth, from achievement in the classroom to the development of self-belief. The level of pastoral care is exceptional and all else builds on this foundation. 



Nursery Barlborough Hall School

Any child attending our school is a member of the Mount Community. Our Nursery is fully integrated into our Preparatory School, ensuring a seamless transition when children move up.

We believe in learning through play. Our Nursery children develop their capacity for learning through art, games and activities, as well as exploring our woodlands and grounds.

Nursery Barlborough Hall School

Encouraging a love of learning from the moment your child joins us.

Themed Learning

We regularly organise themed educational days, which range from animal talks, to seaside adventure days.

"The quality of the provision in the EYFS is outstanding." ISI Inspector

Nursery Barlborough Hall School

Space to Explore

Our EYFS classes have their own outdoor area, fully equipped with toys, bikes, scooters, and a climbing frame.

Nursery Barlborough Hall School

Expert Care

Our EYFS team is led by a fully qualified teacher, and they provide excellence in both care and education for every child at the Nursery.

Nursery Barlborough Hall School

Lasting Friendships

Nursery children play and learn together - forming friendships that often last a lifetime.

Swimming Barlborough Hall School

Excellent Facilities

We have a cooking room, dance studio, and kitchen, as well as weekly swimming lessons in our own pool.



Barlborough Hall School
Barlborough Hall School class

You want the best for your child, and so do we. From specialist teaching and facilities, to the nurturing and friendly atmosphere - children thrive at Barlborough Hall School.


Each class has its own teacher who delivers the majority of the curriculum, including Mathematics, English, Humanities and Science. Our teachers get to know your child as an individual, and will work closely with both you and them, to encourage progress, build on their strengths and development in other areas. This goes much further than the classroom for us.

We have an exceptional sporting reputation, and regularly emerge victorious at sporting fixtures.

Our musical repertoire is no different, with most of our children playing at least one instrument, whilst also participating in our choir or instrumental ensembles.

"You want the best for your child, so do we."

We recommend coming to visit us for a private tour of Barlborough Hall School, so you can meet our teachers and pupils, and see for yourself why we're in the top 50 prep schools in the country.

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Sport Barlborough Hall School
Sport Barlborough Hall School
Swimming Barlborough Hall School
Sport Barlborough Hall School

We believe that sport is an excellent way of encouraging camaraderie and growing confidence from an early age, which is why our sporting programme starts at the first years of education with us.


Our grounds enable us to run Rugby, Football and Cricket sessions either as part of the curriculum, or during our after school enrichment, and our sports courts are a perfect location for Netball and Tennis.


We also have a dance studio, and heated indoor swimming pool, which is used daily.


We work closely with our senior school, Mount St Mary's College for sporting events, and have regular trips to the equally excellent sporting facilities there for larger tournaments and training camps.

sport Barlborough Hall School
Barlborough Hall School cycling


We believe in 'Cura Personalis'; caring for the whole person, and this is a core value of a Jesuit School. In today's world, inclusion and wellbeing have never been more important, and we take our approach to caring for children and their individual needs very seriously.

We have a specialist SENCO leader, and wellbeing officers in all areas of the school. Our pupils know they can approach us with any concern, big or small. We do not judge or differentiate between any of the children in our care.

You can speak to a member of our admissions team about any questions you may have regarding additional support for your child. We are there to guide and advise you based on your individual needs.

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