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Sixth Form

You are on the cusp of an exciting time. Sixth Form means new experiences and challenges, greater independence and personal responsibility. You’ll make new friends and discover more about yourself.

Being in the Sixth Form, which we call Higher Line, is very different to school life. You will study three, possibly four, subjects at A level, specialising in your particular areas of interest and aptitude.


You will wear business dress, rather than a school uniform. You will have your own study space and common room and you will be role models.

Sixth Form Mount St Mary's College

Your Options at A Level

Broadly speaking the subject choice we offer at A level is traditionally academic, but we do offer some CTEC options as well.

  • Art and Design (Fine Art, Graphic Communication & 3D Design)

  • Biology

  • Business Studies

  • Chemistry

  • Classical Civilisation

  • Computer Science

  • Design Technology

  • Drama

  • Economics

  • English Language

  • English Literature

  • French

  • Geography

  • History

  • Latin

  • Mathematics

  • Mathematics (Further Mathematics)

  • Music

  • Physical Education

  • Physics

  • Politics

  • Psychology

  • Religious Studies

  • Spanish

CTEC Options

  • Digital Media

  • Sport and Physical Activity

  • Business



Mount St Mary's Sixth Form

To help you achieve the best grades possible at A level we ask that you choose the subjects you enjoy, have an interest in and did well in at GCSE.

In most cases this means you will have achieved at least a grade 6 at GCSE in the subjects you wish to study at A level. This does not apply to all A level subjects we offer, for example Politics and Psychology, as it is unlikely you will have studied either at GCSE. We will discuss entry requirements in these instances with you.

The admissions team will be happy to advise you of the entry requirements for your preferred course of study. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss this further.


Students in Higher Line are offered the opportunity of gaining an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).


The EPQ, which is an AQA qualification, provides an opportunity for students to extend their abilities beyond the A Level syllabus, stand out and prepare for university or their future career. It can also be used to earn extra UCAS points.


An increasing number of universities are now including EPQs in their offers to students, and as such, we work hard to ensure all students are given every chance to access these.

To study the EPQ, students must:

  • Choose an area of interest and create a project title with aims

  • Plan, research and carry out their project

  • Keep a log  and record all stages of the project production, reviewing and evaluating their progress

  • Complete the proposed project product

  • Prepare and deliver a presentation

  • Assess and review the outcome of their project and presentation

Mount St Mary's Sixth Form

The EPQ encourages creativity and curiosity. A project topic may be directly related to a student's main academic options. Finished projects may take the form of a:

  • Research based written report

  • Production (eg charity event, fashion show or sports event etc)

  • An artefact (eg piece of art, a computer game or realised design)




At Mount St Mary’s College we have an enviable record of students going on to attend the best universities both here in the UK and overseas.

When it comes to making the all important applications, personalised support and specialist mentoring is available to all students. Take a look at some destinations for 2022/2023.

Sixth Form Mount St Mary's College


Sixth Form Mount St Mary's College


Sixth Form Mount St Mary's College



Preparation for Life

Music Mount St Mary's College
Sixth Form Mount St Mary's College
Sixth Form Mount St Mary's College

While university applications are a focal point of the careers programme in Sixth Form, there are many other exciting opportunities for Mount students to consider. We will work with you to find the right path for you, whether this is further education, or a vocational placement.

Students are encouraged to participate in nationally recognised training courses such as Headstart, and to take on appropriate work experience placements. Throughout this time, students are introduced to a wide variety of career paths through the Bellarmine Lecture series.

On leaving the Mount, students can opt to take a gap year before embarking on a university degree. We can arrange placements of 3 months, 6 months or up to one year for students wishing to gain work experience at one of our international partner schools.

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