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Chaplaincy and Community Service

Our experienced Chaplaincy team offers guidance, care and support to all children and staff. This is highly regarded by pupils, not least the boarding community. Most of the small team are teachers but there is a Jesuit presence on campus.

At Mount St Mary’s College. We welcome Catholic families, families of other faiths and families without any religious beliefs.

We do not seek to convert or preach and we respect the religious beliefs of all pupils and staff. What we ask of all who join us is that they value the characteristics of a Jesuit education and support our approach to the growth and development of their child. We are certain you will find ours a warm and friendly community with values common to all. 

We are a Catholic school and proud of the Jesuit traditions that define us. We celebrate important dates in the Christian calendar, for example Easter and Christmas, and feast days too. Our Sodality Chapel dates back to 1723 and is the beating heart of the college, whilst our Memorial Chapel was built to honour those Mountaineers that lost their lives in the First World War. 

Shrine Prayers

Every weekend that the college has been open since 1842 has seen “Shrine Prayers” celebrated in front of Our Lady of the Mount.  We gather together as a boarding community for a brief reflection on the Sunday gospel, before praying together, finishing with the sung “Salve Regina” in Latin. 

Tuesday Club

For over forty years the College has enjoyed a close connection with ‘SPANNED’ (Supporting People with Additional Needs in the Nottingham Diocese). Every fortnight on a Tuesday evening Mrs O’Neill takes a group of students to Our Lady of Lourdes parish in Derby to volunteer under the loving direction of Father Frank Daly. We put on dramatic performances, and enjoy arts, crafts and music. Tea and biscuits also feature heavily!


Our ongoing work with the SPANNED community is an important priority of the College and our students never fail to impress us by their sensitivity, and the love and respect they give. 

If you would like to find out more about Tuesday Club and the work we do, or if you would like to get involved, please contact the College.

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