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Scholarship Awards will also be considered for students applying outside of the normal application window.  They must meet the relevant selection criteria and be new applicants to the Mount.   Please contact Admissions for further information and to arrange interviews/assessments.


Means tested bursaries are also available, and can be offered in conjunction with scholarships to qualifying candidates.

For a confidential conversation about either scholarships or bursaries please contact

Academic Scholarships

A scholarship is a responsibility as much as an award. Each scholar embodies the values, purpose and aims of Mount St Mary’s College.


First and foremost as a Jesuit seat of learning, we aim to produce “Men and Women for Others”. Academic scholarship is a way for learners to expand their knowledge of specific subjects and the world at large. It is a preparation for further study and a future career.

All Academic scholars will follow the Scholars' Programme; a series of subject specific extension tasks with a minimum of one per half term to be completed. Copies of the Scholars' Programme booklet are available from the Deputy Head Academic. 

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Age 11 – 13 for entry to Upper Elements to Rudiments
All students applying to join the College at age 11 – 13 (Upper Elements, Figures and Rudiments) must sit an Entrance Assessment which is held in November. The top candidates in the Entrance Assessment will be invited back to be interviewed for the Scholarship Programme.

Age 16 - for entry to Poetry
Those students wishing to apply for an Academic Sixth Form scholarship must initially demonstrate an outstanding academic track record along with strong predicted GCSE results. Offers are conditional and based on excellent GCSE predictions. The scholarship is confirmed upon receipt of the candidate’s GCSE results. A meeting with the Headmaster will also form part of this process.


Music and Choral Scholarships

Music is an integral part of life at Mount St Mary’s College. If sport embodies much of the Mount St Mary’s spirit, then music truly is the heart and soul of our School. The department has an established reputation in the local area, with an exciting annual concert programme and significant success in local and national festivals.

There is a strong emphasis on performing, with more than one third of pupils participating in a musical ensemble or choir, and academic and practical examination results are consistently excellent. Each year we offer a small number of Music and Choral scholarships to exceptional candidates.

Music Mount St Mary's College
Music Mount St Mary's College

Music Scholarships

Music scholarship candidates should be able to offer two instruments. On their main instrument, candidates normally need to have passed grade 3 for 11+, grade 5 for 13+ and grade 7 for 16+ by the application deadline. There is no minimum standard required for the second instrument. 

Choral Scholarships

Choral scholarship candidates normally need to have passed grade 3 for 11+, grade 5 for 13+ and grade 7 for 16+ by the application deadline. The ability to play an instrument is an advantage, but not essential.


Application packs for music and choral scholarships can be obtained directly from our admissions office. Once submitted, our Director of Music will contact families of applicants to discuss the details of the scholarship auditions.

Sports Scholarships

We are committed to helping each and every student achieve and realise their potential through a broad sporting curriculum. Every student participates in the sporting programme, which offers a variety of activities and opportunities. All students from the age of 11 through to 18 have compulsory P.E. and Games.

However, for those students who have shown and continue to demonstrate exceptional potential in their chosen sport(s), we are able to offer a small number of scholarships. Sporting performance is then developed alongside their academic education.

A comprehensive package of support tailored to the needs of the individual has been designed in line with the Jesuit ethos of developing the whole person.

Sport Mount St Mary's College
Sport Mount St Mary's College

Applying for a Sports Scholarship


Sports scholarship candidates are assessed in the field by a member of our games department and Head of Sport in conjunction with a taster day and general scholarship paper. Scholars are expected to be of county, regional or international standard in their chosen sport. 

The Scholarship Assessment days are held in the November before the year of entry. To apply please email our admissions team, who will coordinate with the Head of Sports regarding your application. 

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