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ISI Report, October 2023

We are proud to be one of the first schools to partake in the new ISI Framework for 2023. Our latest reports are now available to read.

As we were one of the first schools to be inspected under the new framework 2023, there were a few delays from the editing team at ISI. We are delighted now to share with you our successful report. 


There are some significant changes to the way that the report is presented now under this framework:


  1. There are no summary judgements; language around “Outstanding”, “Good” and so on does not exist.  

  2. Children can either “make good progress” or “not make good progress”; these are the only expressions available to the inspectors.  

Children at Mount St Mary's College and Barlborough Hall School make good progress. 

  1. Schools have either “met” or “not met” the ISSRs (Independent School Standards and Regulations).  Where they are not met, action points are given for immediate action.  Mount St Mary's College and Barlborough Hall School have met all ISSR’s and has no action points.

  2. All schools must receive “recommendations” which are summarised at the start of the report and then greater detail is given as you read through.  

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