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A Summer of Success for the Mount

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Summer 2022 - A Summer of glorious weather, family holidays, and celebrating the end of the first full exam season since before The Pandemic.

For many students, this has meant a great deal of revision and, often, apprehension. Whilst we have celebrated the first year of ‘normality’ in school in a long time, this has still been an uncertain period for anyone sitting their exams. Anyone waiting for A Level or GCSE results this summer will tell you it was a long wait for August 18th and 25th to find out how they had fared.

Happily, for students at Mount St Mary’s College and Barlborough Hall School, the hard work and dedication of the Rhetoricians, Syntax students, and Elements I Pupils has been justly rewarded in the exam results for Summer 2022.

In the first set of public examinations since 2019, the college has achieved an A Level pass rate across the board of 99%, and 100% for GCSEs.

Following on from this success, many of our Year 13s will be attending Universities ranked in the top ten in the UK for 2023, including Loughborough, Warwick, Durham and Cambridge.

Headmaster Dan Wright said: “Our Rhetoricians have had the most difficult and disrupted build up to their Sixth Form examinations possible because of COVID-19, and have demonstrated true Mount Spirit in their dedication to their studies. Fully one in five of all grades were in the top bracket of A*-A; what testament to their determination to achieve highly no matter what!

“Syntax can also be rightly proud of their achievements and have earned their just rewards. Amidst worrying national headlines, our Mountaineers have once again shown their grit and Mount Spirit. A hearty well done!”

For our Syntax students, it has been a tense wait, as several headlines indicated a drop in results was imminent, and many feared their grades would suffer. However, they need not have worried. It is through the hard work of these students, that the college has achieved its best set of GCSE Results in five years – with 93% of students receiving grades 9-4 in both English and Maths.

For younger pupils at the Preparatory School, there has been equal success, with our SATs results exceeding predictions and National Averages in another successful year.

“We would like to firstly offer a huge congratulations to all our children who sat their SATs examinations this year. We know it has been a challenging time for some children, but everyone worked incredibly hard to strive for the Magis, and we can say that the work has certainly paid off!

“The number of children who achieved 100 in all three areas is not only above the National Average from 2022, but exceeded the average for 2019 - the last assessment before COVID-19. Our pupils are not only achieving high results for 2022, but they are bettering results gained pre-pandemic.

“This is indeed impressive, and we are extremely proud of all the children for these results. Even more so, when we consider that this is the first full year in school for Elements I since they were in Preparatory. This is testament to their dedication and resilience, and we could not be more proud of them.” Said Karen Keeton, Headteacher at Barlborough Hall School.

As the summer draws to a close, and a new School Year begins, the College celebrates the achievements of the classes of 2022, and have bid farewell to their Rhetoricians. It is time now to welcome new students at the Mount, as they continue to inspire young hearts and minds to go forth and set the world on fire.

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