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The Global Benefits of Boarding at an International School

In an era where global communication and connections are more vital than ever, boarding at an international school plays a pivotal role in shaping a truly enriching educational experience. At Mount St Mary's College, also known as The Mount, we recognize the profound impact of fostering a diverse and globally interconnected community.


Choosing to board at an international school like The Mount goes beyond the confines of traditional learning. Our boarding environment serves as a cultural hub that embraces diversity, providing students with the unique opportunity to forge connections that span continents. This not only enhances their cultural awareness but also prepares them for a world where collaboration knows no borders. Boarding at an international school isn't just about education; it's about creating a cultural hub where opportunity is around every corner, and friendships are made that last a lifetime.


We are proud to see this vision brought to life at the Mount. It is seen at events like an 18th Birthday celebration, when one of our Italian boarders invited friends made at the College to his home in Italy. A memorable evening that demonstrates the very best opportunities boarding life can bring.


It is celebrated when students find each other again on a different continent. One of our day pupils recently reunited with a former boarder from the Mount in South Africa during a hockey tour, a perfect example of real world connections all starting in the school years of life.


As The Mount alumni embark on their future endeavours, they carry with them a global network of cultural understanding. This interconnectedness serves as a foundation for success in a world where collaboration, communication, and cultural competence are invaluable assets.


Join Our Global Community

Discover the transformative power of boarding at an international school that extends far beyond the classroom. Join Mount St Mary's College and become part of a global community where connections made today shape the leaders and changemakers of tomorrow.

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